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You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into building your life’s dream business and things are going south. Creditors are calling at all hours of the day or night. Sales have slowed to a trickle. Expenses are growing much too fast. It’s an overwhelming situation...and it’s probably not your fault! A downturn in the economy, intense competition, an unexpected shift in customer demand for your product, or simply plain old bad luck can turn a once thriving business into a place of despair!

Congratulations on sticking with it! By not giving up you’ve found a community dedicated to connecting your company with the resources and talent necessary to get your company off life support and back to thriving once again!

These resources have signed our pledge to operate in a fair and ethical manner and employ creative tactics to deliver solutions that fit within your budget. They will never sell you services that you don't need and will never employ high pressure sales tactics. They are here to help and grow a long-term business relationship!

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Who are we? was founded by Marcus Bourke in 2017. Marcus was inspired to launch the company after seeing how there were many resources available to companies just starting out or in the growth phase of their business, but few were around when times weren't so good. He realized that small business owners were simply too exhausted from trying to keep their business afloat to search for the resources they so desperately needed. He also realized that money was but one need of a struggling business owner. A comprehensive solution was required!! Alas, was born!!

As a business owner, what can you expect?

You’re probably frustrated and a bit exhausted at this point. You feel like you’ve tried everything, but your company just isn’t pulling out of this tailspin. Or, maybe you’ve hit a plateau and just can’t seem to get the company to that next level, which is where you need to be to start making money again. Ask yourself this question, “Are you tired of climbing this mountain alone?” If so, you’re in the right spot!!

You see, this is a community. Just like a real community, people pull together to help their neighbors in a time of need. It just so happens that this is YOUR time of need. Once you're back in the black and growing again, you’ll have the opportunity to give back to your community by helping others.

You’re probably asking yourself how much this community costs? Absolutely nothing! will never take advantage of those in need!! So, please take a deep breath, relax and join the member’s area. Just remember the famous quote, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” Live by this quote and take massive action in the positive direction! Start today!!

How it works

Simply register as a new user in the member’s area. Fill out your profile, being as detailed as possible, and select the areas in which you’re seeking help. Organizations and other business owners will be alerted when a new member selects a topic with which they pledged to help. All they have to do is contact you with their offer and you can begin a private discussion.

If you’re looking for immediate suggestions, then simply go to our discussion board, select the topic that you need help with and search for past discussions. Don’t find anything relevant? That’s easy! Simply start a new discussion thread and wait for others to join in the discussion. It’s that easy.

Once you’re well on the path to recovery, we’d love for you to come back and rate the organization that you worked with to help others to more easily find the help they need. The organization will be invited to rate you too, so please be professional, courteous and keep an open mind to new ideas. Being close-minded will be a quick way to more of the same, and you know where that got you!

For solution providers

Why would you want to join this site? We all know that one bad business decision can send a company in a downward spiral to the depths of which there is little hope of recovery. Perhaps you’ve been there? Either way, helping others is a great way to give back and celebrate your success. Further, foregoing immediate profit through creative payment arrangements (including deferred payments, equity or ownership sharing, bartering, etc.) is a direct path to developing a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. That means a long-term revenue stream if you can help right the ship for the business owner!!

The process is simple! Simply sign our Ethics First Pledge, which shows that you are truly committed to helping, register and create an account. Select the areas in which you are prepared to offer services and identify the payment terms that you are willing to accept. You can always negotiate if you have a more creative solution! You’ll be alerted whenever a member identifies his or her business as needing your expertise. You can review the profile and decide to connect if it seems like a promising business deal. You’ll have the opportunity to rate the business owner when your work is through, which will help other organizations decide if it would be beneficial to do business with that owner. The business owner will also be encouraged to rate your performance, so please stick to our ground rules and be empathetic, professional, solution oriented and never use high-pressure sales tactics. Remember, a little patience and generosity now will reap great rewards in the future!

The Ethics First Pledge

All members:

  • I agree to approach every business deal with the highest degree of integrity
  • I will keep open and clear channels of communication throughout the duration of the transaction
  • If at any point my company or I cannot uphold this pledge, then I will remove myself and my company from this site

As a business owner:

  • I admit that I need help in turning my business around
  • I will treat my solution provider as a partner in the solution
  • I will put the interests of my business above own personal interests
  • I agree to consider all recommended solutions with an open mind and work aggressively to implement all agreed upon solutions
  • I will pay my solution provider according to the terms of our agreement

As a solution provider:

  • I am on here to help others and WILL NOT take advantage of them
  • I agree to keep the business owner’s immediate need as a top priority
  • I will be considerate of his or her worries an concerns and work to help them however I can
  • I will prioritize building a relationship with the business owner over short-term profits
  • I will be creative and deliver the agreed upon solution and NOT try to up-sell or cross-sell additional services that aren’t critical to solving the immediate business need.
  • I will hold the business owner accountable for implementing the agreed upon solutions and solving the immediate problems.
  • I will stick to my area of expertise and refer the business owners to experts where necessary
  • I will be as flexible as possible when negotiating terms of payment

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